About Us

Moto & Style is a motorcycle casual clothing store featuring motorcycle style t-shirts and accessories.

We're living a passion for motorcycle riding.

A word from a founder

I'm Steve, the founder of Moto & Style. I've been riding on motorcycles since 2015 and currently riding on Suzuki SFV650 Gladius.

I've developed a passion for motorcycles back when I was a teenager and saw an action movie with a brave rider. The machine was just waving through traffic. I could feel the heartbeat and adrenaline of this crazy driver.

A couple of years after I've passed my driving test and bought my first bike.

Ever since I fall in love with motorcycles. I want to wear clothes that feels good and show that I'm a biker. It was a struggle to find clothes and accessories like that. I needed to go through countless websites and deal with different companies. Let's make it easier!

Perfect Fit

Everything is accurately measured so you can be sure that it will fit you.

Free Shipping

We cover the shipping for every order to any country on the planet.

No Animal Materials

We don't support animal-derived materials. All beings deserve to live!